Black FE Leadership Group – Making the Most of an Ethnically Diverse Britain

You would have to have been living in the far-flung remote regions of this world, not to have witnessed the global events and repercussions in 2020, that saw a massive drive in the narrative to ensure equality and diversity for Black & ethnically diverse individuals.

This narrative was not only perpetuated by individuals but by organisations and corporations who, we thought, saw the collective opportunity to make fundamental and tangible changes, and for once and for all to change the ways things have been done historically — to press delete on the ‘tick box approach’ and really shift the dial, to ensure the crucial changes needed are implemented.

As the Founder & CEO of ‘Amp Up Your Voice’ a progressive anti-racism Equality & Diversity consultancy, I partner with modern companies and organisations helping them to drive real change for an equal and inclusive work environment, to elevate their brand and be part of the Black Lives Matter movement.

However, this notably is not an easy journey, and it has become quite apparent that real change is moving at a glacial pace. But what exactly needs to happen to ensure that the playing field is levelled up and equity is the normality for Black and Ethnically Diverse individuals and groups?

After the brutal murder of George Floyd on 25 May 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota by the hands of white police officers, the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement has been significantly and passionately propelled into mainstream media. After much discussion on why black lives matter, there have also been several specific conversations about the need to protect black woman.

This discussion is new to me as a black woman, it is raw, but also very necessary. But what has been discussed to date, has not nearly had enough impact, or even began to scratch the surface on what needs to happen now.

I believe that the conversation needs continuous exploration to really get to the root of what we are as black women are still dealing with in 2020 and what can tangibly be done about it.