Education at any time can be challenging but add to that the challenge of moving to another country with a different language, culture and educational system, qualification framework, values and beliefs and the number of complexities are difficult to imagine let alone navigate.

In March 2017 the United Nations estimated the world population to be 7.5 billion with a growth rate of 1.11%, an estimated average population change of 80 million per year.  Today the world’s population is estimated to be 7.9 billion.

As the Founder & CEO of ‘Amp Up Your Voice’ a progressive anti-racism Equality & Diversity consultancy, I partner with modern companies and organisations helping them to drive real change for an equal and inclusive work environment, to elevate their brand and be part of the Black Lives Matter movement.

However, this notably is not an easy journey, and it has become quite apparent that real change is moving at a glacial pace. But what exactly needs to happen to ensure that the playing field is levelled up and equity is the normality for Black and Ethnically Diverse individuals and groups?